Sunday, June 23, 2013

Skin it

"Alice in Wonderland?" Walsh said. It was more a comment then a question. He stopped by for a minute with another book his step-mom had lent me.

Me-:"Yes and no. Alice in Wonderland, Red Ridding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, fairy tales in general. Just wait, wait till you see the whole queenie thing. Half planned out already."  We were talking about a bit of writing I've been doing on a short story.  "It will come together. Trust me on this, I know what I'm doing. I'm a professional of course, not like the others."

Walsh-:"Oh my god." he shook his head giggling at me. "At lest you're in a good mood."

Me-:"For once. Who knows how long it will last though?"

Walsh-:"Did Mad Hatter finally talk to you?" he had this look on his face just filled with hope as he lit a cigarette.

Me-:"Would I be this calm if Mr. Scratchy talked to me? Good god man. Trust me, the entire world would know if Mr. Scratchy talked to me. Everything is copy, I have a rep to protect."

He put his hand on my forehead. "Are you sure you're okay? Don't seem to have a fever, have you been drinking? I haven't seen you in this good a mood in I can't even remember."

Me-:"Nothing to drink. Not since before my knee injury last year. But shut up or you'll make me crave a martini. Or wine, or bourbon."

Walsh-:"Better get going, have to pick the kids up from the movies." he turned to leave just as the neighbour and three very loud chicks in way too tight skirts bound up the stairs and into the apartment across the hall. "Well looks like he's going to have fun."

Me-:"Wanna play guess how many diseases he's going to have in the morning?"

My cousin nearly choked on his cigarette he started laughing so hard. "I can't believe you sometimes. But you know what I can believe in?" he was down the stairs then opening the main door. "Mad Hatter."

Me-:"Has a great ass. And arms to die for, great hands. And what is it with men having perfect skin? No matter what we women do, our skin looks like death and you men, always perfect looking skin. Why?"

Walsh shrugged as music blasted from the across the hall neighbour's. "Ask Mad Hatter."  he tossed the filter of his cigarette in a puddle and left.

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