Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I just couldn't help but wonder?

Just managed to catch up with last night's wrestling. And ... on a night like this, I just couldn't help but wonder, Rebel without a Cause is got to be the most vocal wrestler this side of The Celebrity. I want to know, do they mic him or is he really that loud? For all the talent he has and he's got more talent then I've seen in a long while, he screeches when he's at ringside. Gotta feel sorry sometimes for the rest of the Pack -Werewolf King and Mad Hatter- if they are standing right beside him when he screams like that. Ears must be ringing to near bleeding. Gorgeous, talented, but...is he always that much of a screech owl?  (insert dirty thoughts right about there)

I watched an episode of Sex and the City earlier, (Season 2 Episode 21 Old Dogs New Dicks) in which, Charlotte dates a guy who's uncircumcised and freaks out about it.  Okay, was totally feeling like a deja vu on that topic. (while back I talked about it in the post -Just a Tip) In the episode, she shames him into getting it done. 
Seriously, would any man want to get that done after the age of two?  If there was no medical reason, would any of you men reading right now actually do that?  And for someone who you might not even continue dating? And for someone who made you feel crappy about yourself to begin with?
I think it's one of the more out there episodes of the show, but not even for that. For the fact a main character behaves the way she does by making her date feel ashamed of his body. It's also a brave step because it makes the character less then perfect, and shows how self absorbed we all can be.

So in true SATC style... I just couldn't help but wonder, are we screaming at each other because we really need to be heard or are we just trying to distract from our own insecurities?

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