Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walking wounded

"Did he just tell you he doesn't want you dating?"  Cheryl asked when I showed her the latest chat thread. I had been talking to Male Friend #2-John- earlier tonight for a bit.

Me-:"Yes. Freaked out much?"

Cheryl-:"You really need to stop chatting with him all together."

Me-:"Cousin suggested I tell him I'm dating a wrestler."  left out the fact Walsh seems to believe I should be anyway.

Cheryl-:"Do it. Or you know, just start ignoring him. Why are you still chatting with him anyways?"

Me-:"He keeps popping up in my chat threads. Besides, I seem to attract wounded men."

Cheryl-:"What do you mean wounded men?"

Me-:"I've noticed a pattern over the years. Guys only come into my life when they are going through something bad. Like being dumped, or fired, or injured. They only seem to stick around during their transition, then they go back to wherever. Doesn't matter if it's a boyfriend, a buddy, a business partner or even a male relative. Whenever something traumatic happens, that's when they seem to find me."

Cheryl-:"Maybe it's your karma? Maybe in a past life you were responsible for their issues and this is you having to heal it?"

Me-:"Makes as much sense as anything else so far. It's been like this my whole life. Since I was about nine or ten years old."

Cheryl-:"Out of curiosity, how many of these walking wounded were boyfriends?"

Me-:"All my exes."

Cheryl-:"ALL? Every man you've ever dated? Ever slept with?"

Me-:"Yeah. Every man who's come into my life. Like I said, boyfriends, buddies, business partners, and even when my male relatives hung around. Every man who's been in my life has been going through something when he comes into my life."

Cheryl-:"Huh, if it is karma, then what did you do, kill an army?"

Me-:"Beyond me man"

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