Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wed posting post-its

Herman, how's your day going?
I was in the middle of doing some stuff and had this overwhelming need to come in and write you. I'm finding it better to listen to my gut lately.

So, again how is your day going?

Middle of the week, beautiful blue skies here today, and bees the size of a teaspoon smashing against the windows. I swear they get larger every season.

I imagine you checking in today, over lunch or something. A baseball cap on to your nose, hiding. Maybe you felt like not washing your hair this morning, which is cool. We all have days like that. For some reason, I think you're having cupcakes. Designer cupcakes with pink icing.  And I think you reading a very large novel. The question would be, what genre?  Sci-fi? Horror? Thriller? What kind of novel would peak your interest?  Let's go with horror.
So I imagine you today just relaxing. Maybe one of your buddies is getting a tattoo and you went with him? 

Okay Mr. Scratchy, Herman, hope as always that I made you smile.

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