Friday, June 7, 2013

Must be a Friday

Got a text from Walsh, with the usual "Are you watching the wrestling?"
I had been wondering what was going on with him.  My answer was the usual, no I'm at home no cable, and that I'd catch up with it tomorrow. Then silence for a few minutes.

Walsh-:"You think I'm damnaged?"

Oh, I see he read the blog in the last few days.

Me-:"Yes. You know you are."

There was nothing for a bit, figured that was the end of the conversation.

Walsh-:"Must be why your man hasn't told you who he is yet? Mad Hatter's life would be perfect, not damaged in any way, and by your theory, that means he's not needing you."

Hate to admit it, but my cousin sort of had a point. If I go totally by my past pattern with men, Mr. Scratchy, no matter who he ends up being, if he's in the wrestling industry specially company #1, then yeah he's coasting and I'm not...damn! That blows.

Me-:"You suck."


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