Sunday, June 9, 2013

Recap of a Random SATC episode part 6

This week marks the 15 year anniversary since Sex and the City debuted. So I thought it was time for another random recap of another random episode. 

Season 2 Episode 19- The Chicken Dance

We open with Carrie and Miranda in the middle of decorating Miranda's apartment. Or at lest, talking about why she's hired a decorator. It ends up, an old friend, Jeremy, is going to be a house guest with her. 
We then see Carrie at Mr. Big's, where he offers her a spare toothbrush, which for Carrie means more then it really means.
Miranda and Jeremy are in the middle of dinner when the decorator shows up, and it's love at first sight for her and Jeremy.  A few days later, as Miranda throws what is suppose to be a going away party, turns into an engagement party for Jeremy.  While the girls are pouting, a friend of Jeremy's shows up and Samantha goes home with him. Where upon she realizes she's slept with him in the past, which for Samantha is a no-no.
We then see Carrie call Mr. Big, asking him what he thinks about this love at first sight thing? He tells her he just doesn't believe in it, but believes that people fall into lust at first sight. 

Carrie's quote of the week is  "In a city as cynical as New York, is it still possible to believe in love at first sight?"

Carrie then is asked by the new bride to write a poem for the wedding.
We then see the girls sitting around over lunch complaining about having to go to this wedding, while Samantha still can't get over the fact she slept with a guy more then once, and fears she's used up all the men in the city.
We then see Carrie and Mr. Big sitting around his apartment while she tries to write the poem, with Big mocking her.  The next scene is Big picking Carrie up for the wedding, and refusing to sign his name to the card. He even asks how they knew his name to begin with for the invitation? Carrie tells him she thinks it was Charlotte, who said something but the tone of her voice suggests it was in fact her.
We are then at the wedding, Miranda is feeling left out, Charlotte has sex with the best man, Samantha gets drunk and Carrie and Big fight because he took a cell phone call during her reading of the poem. This makes Carrie feel like she's not important.
We then see all four girls standing together as the bride throws the flowers, which lands at their feet and they all walk away from it. Carrie then leaves with Mr. Big who hands her a piece of wedding cake.

At some point, all the girls feel used and ignored in this episode. It gives the impression that they are questioning their own values and beliefs up to this point.
The running theme for Miranda, is that everyone around her has broken out of their romantic shell leaving her standing there just waiting.

Each of the four have set into motion what they think will bring them their desires, only to have it blow up in their faces.

Charlotte breaks all her dating rules on what she thinks will be her answer, only to find out that it was just a lustful heat of the moment, moment.
In fact, this episode could very well have been named "in the heat of the moment" as much as The Chicken Dance. But it brings up the real question of what is love at first sight?  Is there really such a thing, or are we confusing it with lust? (I know I've talked about that over the years like everywhere)

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