Sunday, June 2, 2013

And they called it puppy love...some more

Jody messaged me wanting to know if I was aware that Male Friend #1- the kid in Mexico- was saying that I rejected him.

Me-:"What? Hang on! How can I reject him when he's just being silly."

Jody-:"Uh, I think he really honestly likes you. I told you he had a major crush on you but you didn't listen. You broke the poor guy's heart."

Me-:"Me? Me break someone's heart? That's just not humanly possible."

Jody-:"Why not? Everyone gets their heart broken by someone at some point."

Me-:"Yeah, I'm usually the one. I've never broken anyone's heart."

Jody-:"That you're aware of. Just because you haven't seen the evidence doesn't mean you haven't. But here's your evidence. What the hell did you say to the poor guy?"

Me-:"Nothing. You know the normal. He was bummed, tried to cheer him up by pointing out how a few of the girls on some of the chat threads were flirting back with him, which he just seemed to not notice. He was complaining how no one where he lives is single and the few that are just want rich men, which he's not."

Jody-:"What did he say?"

Me-:"That he didn't believe they were flirting back. That they were just being nice to him."

Jody-:"Wow, he's either more innocent then we thought or he's snowing you?"

Me-:"No man is that innocent. He's just got really low self esteem. He's really sweet though, he'll find someone."

Jody-:"Still, I warned you."

Me-:"Yes, yes you did."

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