Wednesday, June 26, 2013

G-Babbs strikes again

I was on my way home from mom's, when I bumped into G-Babbs, she was out walking her dog. She commented on how the construction workers had left everything around the street, from where they were putting in a new sewer line.
Then she switched gears and was talking about how some of the construction workers were blocking in the cars in the parking lot in their building, and how they had set up a port-a-potty in the lane right behind her side of the building.
All I could think was that they needed to install it somewhere.

G-Babbs-:"I was talking to a few of them, asking very nicely if they could maybe move it somewhere else, because really who wants to look out their window and see that!" she gestured to the back of the building. I turned to look, but couldn't see anything from where we were standing.  "The one guy was really nice about it, but they wouldn't move it. He did tell me that they put it there because of the other sewer drain, so I suppose there is nothing we can do about it till they're done working on all this. You seeing anyone?"


G-Babbs-:"You should pick yourself up one of these workers."  she started to gesture to the empty street towards the man hole that had the orange safety cones around it. "Some of them are not bad looking. Tanned from being out in the sun. Only spotted wedding rings on about two of them. The one I was talking to about the thing, he was smoking like a chimney, but what can you do?" the dog started to dance around us, knotting the leash around her legs.

Me-:"Ironically, you're not the first to suggest the idea. Though, I really don't see that working for me."

G-Babbs:"Why not? You're not getting any younger. If you don't find someone soon, you're going to dry up like your mom and the rest of the old bitties around here."  she said it without a hint of humour. "You coming back tomorrow to see your mom?"

Me-:"Actually, I'm suppose to be going to the movies."

G-Babbs-:"Well, you make sure you stop by tomorrow before these guys are done their work. I'll figure out a way to introduce you to a few of them. Leave it to me, we'll have you married before christmas if I have anything to do about it."

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