Friday, June 28, 2013

Double J-word

I was at the grocery, standing in line forever, cause I forgot about it being a long weekend and the store being closed for half of it. Everyone was there today it seems. By the time I got to the front of the line, a new checkout guy took over while the first checkout guy went on break.
Great. But, he was speedy.  I noticed his name tag said Josh. 
The checkout guys always make it a point to check the name if you have a points card or use credit cards, and tell you to have a great day then whatever your name is.  I've gotten into the habit of thanking them, and calling them by their name as well.

Josh.-:"Actually, it's John, but there are like five John's already working here so I said I'd use something else so that it's not totally confusing."

I know I had a stupid look on my face because he then raised an eyebrow and sort of leaned back a bit.

The cosmic joke has gone on long enough, I wish whomever the mystical Johnathan is would just appear already, cause this is getting beyond ridiculous.

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