Monday, June 10, 2013

Post-it note 10th June

It's one of those too humid to think nights. I hope wherever you are tonight, Mr. Scratchy, that it's a comfortable degree.

Quiet night. Sometimes those can be really good, sometimes they can be really bad.  Other then the temp it seems to be okay.

I imagine you checking in tonight, in those striped pajama bottoms I think you wear, covered in paint from working on that painting I think you are doing.  Actually, I think you finished the original one, and are working on a second one. Medium canvas. And I imagine you just got a hair cut, so your hair is spiky.

Maybe you bake? Could happen. You could bake in your spare time. I think you were the oldest grand kid and got your grandmother's recipe book. That would totally work in my world.

Yeah, I don't know. I keep hoping that I've said something right, something that jarred you enough to be like "whoa, how did she know this that and that? Dude, I'd better talk to her." 
As always, I hope I made you smile Herman.

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