Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post-it Notes 26th June 2013

Herman, Mr. Scratchy;  having a few issues tonight with the blog. Driving me nutballs.
How is your night going? 

Working now on the second draft of the novel. Time to give some focus to the best friend character, the one who Rebel without a Cause was the baseline for. He gets seduced a lot... in the novel I mean. Looks like he could be very seduce-able... Rebel without a Cause, I mean.  Though, I suppose anyone could be seduced.
You can pass that on to Rebel without a Cause, or you know, if you're him, then try not to choke on your coffee when you laugh at me.

I imagine you checking in tonight, having just gotten out of the shower, after a late dinner. Maybe you had a light day at work and spent time working out? 
I have a question that sort of has nothing to do with anything but my novel... has anyone been able to make the Mad Hatter blush?  He seems like the type of guy that is just incapable of blushing. I know that's not humanly possible, to never blush. But you know what I mean.
You can pass that on too. Less of course he's you, in which case that gives you a small hint at the lead in the novel.

There is an energy that those two wrestlers have, that I haven't seen in a long while. Probably why I found them so inspiring. Why I still do at this moment.
And Herman, if by chance you're not one of them, you might still be in the novel. There are seven other male characters in it.

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