Monday, June 17, 2013

Cryptic messages

I got a text from Walsh. "Your boys were in shadows?"


Walsh-:"Have you seen their video promo?"

Me-:"Hang on. No."  went to the website and found the video clip. "Okay yeah now."

Walsh-:"Notice they were in the shadows?"

Me-:"I did."

Walsh-:"Are you going to try to tell me that wasn't a hint for you?"

Me-:"I am not going to tell you anything anymore. You get my hopes up too much."

Walsh-:"That was clearly a hint for you. CLEARLY!"

Me-:"Shadows aren't really clear, they are dark and foggy-ish. Musty even like a graveyard."

Walsh-:"You and your damn vampires."


There was silence for a bit and I have got to learn not to take that as the end of the conversation. Cause there will be a pause for like twenty minutes or more some times.

Walsh-:"How about this, listen to your boys and see which one of them goes for a vampire reference?"

Yeah, that makes sense given the stuff I talk about most of the time on the wrestling stuff.

Me-:"Tell you what, if Mad Hatter makes an out of place werewolf comment I'll  finally believe you on this. No more doubts. But if Rebel without a Cause makes an out of place vampire comment I'm going to start leaning in his direction. But it only counts if it's this week. Either the live show tonight, or the Friday night show."

Walsh-:"Rebel without a Cause? Why can't you just believe it's Mad Hatter? Okay deal."

Me-:"And then will you finally drop it?"


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