Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jealous bones

"You watch the show?"  the message from Walsh read.

Me-:"Yeah, stayed again at mom's so got to see it.Why, what's on your mind?"

Walsh-:"Nothing. They never said anything."

Me-:"I know. You know why they didn't say anything?"


Me-:"Cause they knew we were looking for them to say something. Dude, they read the blog. Every time we made a deal, those were the episodes they ended up not doing promos. You realize this right?"

Silence for a bit from my cousin. Everyone likes to be right, and I do like being right, just wish that this could be one of those situations when I could be right and happy both.

Walsh-:"Oh my god. I just went to the social site and was looking through some of your chats for the night. See this is the sort of thing I try to avoid when my wife has her friends over. You actually said you thought Dimmer checked out Werewolf King's ass?"

Me-:"Probably, I know I said it looked like Mad Hatter had checked out Divine Mrs V's ass when he leaned over her shoulder."   My cousin dug up the link for the conversation he was talking about with the comment about Werewolf King. "Oh, yeah suppose that I did say that. Yeah and?"

Walsh-:"And women complain that us men are pigs with nothing but sex on the brain."

Me-:"Never said women weren't pigs with nothing but sex on the brain. We freely admit we're smutty. Dimmer is the new IT boy right now. Everyone seems to want a piece of him, were you not paying attention to the chat thread? It even looked like Rebel without a Cause at one point checked out Divine Mrs V as well."

Walsh-:"If I didn't know better I'd say you were sounding jealous."

Me-:"I can't sound anything on text. I can appear, but not sound."

Walsh-:"You are. The question is, which one?"

Me-:"How about I just say all and leave it at that."

Walsh-:"There is a new guy at work, Ben, he used to be on the local hockey team."

Me-:"Thanks but no."

Walsh-:"Why not?"

Me-:"Just not okay. Just let me meet whomever naturally. On my own."

Walsh-:"You mean your Johnathan hahahaha!"

Me-:"Yes, I mean the poor unfortunate soul named Johnathan who is out there somewhere thinking he's going totally mad because he's most likely by now seeing variations of my name popping up everywhere; unless he's a witch himself in which case, he's already picked up the signs."

Right, like that's not too much to hope for, whomever the mystical Johnathan is being a witchy type himself.  I think I stand a better chance snagging myself either Mad Hatter, Rebel without a Cause, or Dimmer, then him being a witchy type.

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