Thursday, June 20, 2013

You know that scene in every film

I was out at the bus stop, had some stuff to do, and the first bus came roaring up hit a puddle and dirty water and mud went flying everywhere.  90% of it landed on me. My clothes, my purse, my cane, my hair.  It's actually funny now, five hours later, but at the time not so funny.  It was like the classic scene in every romantic comedy ever done, like in the Bridget Jones movie.
Me, covered in muck.  And the two ladies that were standing just three feet away, totally clean. I was standing there thinking they must have been scotch-guarded or something?

Get to where I had to go, and waiting in line. I look up and the security guard was an ex boyfriend. The one who cheated on me years ago with my cousin.   Great, wonderful. And he just stood there with that look on his face, you know the look, when you sort of recognize someone but you are not sure where you know them from.  Yeah, that look.

On my way home, stopped in at a Starbucks because I had time to kill before the next bus, and there were construction workers hanging around on their break. Cute ones.  So I'm coming out of the Starbucks, and this dude slams into me, cappuccino all over my t-shirt. Right in front of the construction workers.  Wait it gets worse, Duncan, that moron my cousin is buddies with, was one of them.  So you know, there's me, covered in mud, coffee, and sweating by this point from the nice weather and all the hobbling around I had to do, and I look up to see not just Duncan laughing like a lunatic, but the really cute co-worker of his nearly pissing himself laughing.

So my day is proof that all the bad cliches that we see in romantic comedies happened to someone at some point. 

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