Thursday, June 13, 2013

Werewolves and Men with coffee

Just got back from being out all day, and as I was checking messages on the social site, there was one from Male Friend #2-John- that made zero sense.
He had commented on a random topic that it seemed to me had nothing to do with what he was saying. Which was, how he wasn't trying to change my point of view on things and that he felt I had more to offer then the other women he was talking to regularly on the site, and that he liked talking about stuff other then wrestling.
I made the mistake of replying and asking him if that was really meant for me or if he meant it for someone else?   He got offended because I didn't remember the fact I had disagreed with his thoughts on the value of Werewolf King as a singles wrestler.

What? Really?
He dug up the old chat thread and showed it to me.  He said Werewolf King sucks, I said he had his head up his arse.  He spent the rest of the chat thread telling me why I was wrong and why he knew better.

Fine, whatever. I've mentioned before how wrestling chat threads can get heated, with everyone pumping up their heroes.

Then he again said he didn't mean it. That he didn't want to sound like he was trying to change my point of view on things. That he doesn't treat women that way.

Good to know. But I'm wondering why he brought it up in the first place?
Meanwhile, I was chatting on another chat thread about a certain actor, when he butted in to the thread and started attacking the actor. Not for his talents, but for his looks.  The same thing he did the other week with Mad Hatter in a wrestling chat thread.

I'm just at a loss here. Ignoring him just seems to make him worse. And blocking him is not an option, as that just takes him from my friends list, but the chat threads are open to the whole site so he'll just keep doing what he's doing. Which is steam rolling over other people in the chats, and insulting any other man I say I like.

Walsh's idea of saying that I'm dating a wrestler is sounding better and better all the time.


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