Monday, June 17, 2013

post-it after the show

Mr. Scratchy, Herman.  Just watched the ppv. It was not as good as some in the past have been.
Just saying.  Happy the Pack won their matches.  Werewolves with shinny always a good thing.

I imagine you checking in tonight, tired and dressed in a pair of jeans. Having a cup of tea, and a bag of pretzels, and carrot sticks.   Don't ask man, I haven't figured my own brain out yet. 
I think you're sitting there, reading this, debating if you should watch the movie This is the End, or not if you haven't already. Go see it if you haven't, dude so damned funny.  That's one thing I hope Herman we share some taste in, movies. I'm a total movie junkie.  Then, when you decide it's time to open up and say ah, at lest we'll have a jumping off point.

Anyways, Herman, Mr. Scratchy, hope you're night is good. Comfortable.   I don't know why lately that word keeps jumping into my mind when I think about writing these for you? It just does. Comfortable. Is that something you're having issues with right now in your real life?  Anyways, hope you're having a decent night. And as always, hope I made you smile.

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