Friday, June 28, 2013

Must be a Friday

"Are you watching the show?" the text from Walsh said.

I officially think this is my cousin's catch phrase. Seriously, if he was single this might even be his pick up line. Not that I could ever imagine him single. He's been with his wife for almost twenty years.

Me-:"No. At home, you know the drill. Why what's up?"

Walsh-:"Boring tonight. Oh, and your boys lost."

Me-:"Damn you and your spoilers! Yeah, think they're getting ready to have them drop the belts."

Walsh-:"Hahaha! They can't be gods forever."

Me-:"I know. But, doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm not liking much as of late. They just brought the Vlad the Impaler look alike back to the rookie show this week, so that I'm happy with."

Walsh-:"Okay what's wrong?"

Me-:"Nothing. Just a little restless. It's summer and I don't really want to be home alone all the time."

Walsh-:"You could always order a pizza dude haha!"

Me-:"Not funny."

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