Monday, February 10, 2014

10:37pm Monday night

"Are you watching the show?"  Walsh's weekly text came in.

Me-:"Yes, sort of. Your step mom was here for awhile, so it was on but sound was off."

Walsh-:"They're getting ready to rip your boys apart."

Me-:"Ssshhh! Don't tell me that. Leave the Pack alone."

Walsh-:"Split them right down the middle."

Me-:"There's a dirty joke there."

Walsh-:"What's wrong with you?"

Me-:"Generally or right now?"

Walsh-:"Some guy hits on you and you did nothing?"

Me-:"You read the blog?"

Walsh-:"I had time." 

Me-:"I wouldn't call it hitting on me. He just asked the time."

Walsh-:"He was so hitting on you. When a guy bothers to stop moving in -35degree weather, he's hitting on you."   I was starting to type this up when another message came in. "This you need to blog. Make your boy realize he's got competition."

Me-:"There's an obvious joke there."


Me-:"He's an international wrestling superstar, he's always got competition. See obvious joke."


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