Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Affair to forget

I had returned from Blockbuster, mom wanted a movie; to find my sister in mom's kitchen making herself a cup of tea.  Slurping loudly she said "Boss has not been in for two weeks. He's having an affair with an American."

Me-:"Not surprised with what you've told me about him. Anyone know if his wife knows?"  I asked making a cup myself.  My sister laughed, and mom glared at us telling us to talk about something else.   I forgot, cheating husbands are something of a major sore spot for mom.

Sister-: "It was his wife's birthday yesterday so the girls at work all got together and took her for lunch. She knows. The only question now is who keeps the company? You know he actually said 'nobody wants white rice every night' "

Me-:"Ouch! Wow. Bastard should never have gotten married in the first place."

Sister-: "Lot of that going around. I think our cousin's wife is stepping out on him too."

Me-:"Can you vague that up for me, lest narrow down which side of the family."   I could think of at lest four of our cousin's who's wives were on the suspect list.

Sister-: "Evil PlayboyBunny Wannabe." my sister started to make herself something to eat. "You made this?"  she said biting into a large slice of banana bread. "I want the recipe."

Me-: "Oh there's no doubt that the Evil PlayboyBunny Wannabe is screwing around. Though I'm not sure who would want her?  Not sure how she got her claws into our cousin."

Sister- :"Her facebook is going to give her away if it hasn't already.  All men on there flirting with her, and the photos."

Mom-: "Hey that's enough you two. No more of that kind of talk. They've been together 20 years"

Both my sister and I just looked at each other.

Sister-: "What the hell is she thinking putting up those type of photos on her family facebook? God woman have some decency. My man said back in high school she was the town slut and now I believe it. You know that bitch got drunk  last week when we went over there  to get the kids for football and was all over my man!"  Sister made a sound.  "We brushed it off as nothing cause she was falling over drunk but now I'm little on guard." 

Mom-: "That is enough! I don't want to hear anything more against her."

Me-: "Topic changed then. You feel like rice for supper?"  

Both my sister and I broke out in a mad fit of laughter again with her nearly choking on her tea.

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