Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smile and wave

I was at the grocery this afternoon for milk, walked right past Storm.  He was talking to some lady.  He saw me, turned away so that his back was too me and continued to talk to her.  Odd?
I went and stood in line for what felt like forever, and Storm walked past with his head down with this look on his face.   Very Odd?
Then he went past one last time just as I was paying for the milk and leaned over and started to wave at me like he hadn't seen me in years until I waved back.  Extremely Odd.

I'm beyond starting to wonder about the men I seem to attract to me.  Why can't I just find a nice normal man who has no major issues and is cute? One who is available in every sense of the word. 
I know he's out there, just not in this city.

Jane Austen once said that "in order for one to find a man as perfect as Mr. Darcy, one needs to make him up."
Well, then consider the character I've been writing of Caleb in my short story on here Steaming Up Your Windows   as my perfect made up man. Just need to find a way to make him jump off the page and into my life.

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