Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday afternoon

The buzzer went just after 4pm. My cousins Walsh and Mavis were standing there, holding Mavis's overnight bag and a giant stuffed animal.

Me-:"Aren't you like four hours early?"

Mavis-:"Mom had a meeting right after school and daddy had to go to work."  she tossed everything at me, sticking her foot up for Walsh to help her with her winter boots.

Walsh-:"Come outside, I need a smoke."

Me-:"I'm in my pajamas bud." 

He shrugged. "Throw your coat on, no one will notice."   We went and hovered just outside the door of the building. "Okay, you need to get your ass up the other side of town tomorrow, cause you need to be at the cafe."

Me-:"Um no. Why?"

Walsh-:"I have no idea, that's what my step-mom's friend told me to tell you. She said she couldn't find your email to tell you herself. She's got something happening there tomorrow afternoon, that she seems to think you need to be interested in."  he blew smoke at me.

Me-:"Sounds like trouble. I don't think it's going to happen."

Walsh-:"Why?" he pushed my shoulder causing me to scream.

Me-:"Cause dumbass, my ribs still aren't better yet and a two hour bus ride is completely out of the question. All that being tossed around would kill me."

He made a sound, blushed for the punch and mumbled he was sorry. "Speaking of the story..."

Me-:"Change the topic go ahead."

Walsh-:"Did I miss a piece? I got totally lost with the whole corduroy thing."

Me-:"Uh, no. While back I had been watching wrestling, thinking that Werewolf King never looks bad. Like, it's not humanly possible for the boy to have a bad hair day or something, so I sat down and wrote that one part of the story with the intention of making the character based on him just look like crap."

Walsh-:"Okay sure." he yawned. "And?"

Me-:"I don't think that even I could create an outfit to make him look bad, even on paper."

He laughed stubbing out his cigarette butt. "Lest you tried." he laughed at me some more then pointed at me. "That explains the website."

Me-:"What website?"

Walsh-:"Go to company #1, they had it on the front page this morning. Thing about clothes."

Me-:"Can you vague that up for me there, don't think you were cryptic enough." I turned heading back into the building.

Walsh-:"I could, but that would mean trying and thinking. I'm too tried to think."

Me-:"Story of your life." I turned then just as we were walking into mom's apartment. "So, I'm guessing those two buddies of yours that went to Toronto are grabbing a beer and dinner before going to the wrestling tonight." 

He shrugged again. "I should have told him to get you Mad Hatter's autograph." he elbowed me causing another ripple of pain through my ribs. "Sorry, forgot."

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