Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Afternoon weirdness

I finally got home. I was suppose to have been at mother's for a day. It turned into 5 days. Part because of the weather. 
I was checking the mail as I walked up to the building, and some dude was going in circles a few feet away, in the tiny parking lot on a bike. Just peddling around and around and around. Then when he saw me, came over to the mailboxes and just sat there on the bike.
I have no idea who it was, never seen him before in my life. As I headed to the front door of the building, I saw him peddle around the building, and came through the back door with the bike. He ran up the stairs and into the apartment across the hall.
So, either he moved in in the 5 days I've been gone, or he's a guest of the neighbour across the hall. Ether way, it was sort of creepy him just sitting there staring at me as I got the mail.

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