Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tidbits late night

I was chatting a bit with Cheryl just now, she was telling me about another date with the new guy she met last week. They went to a concert tonight. She hated it. Seems they do not have the same taste in music.

Cheryl-:"So, any news on the dating front?"

Me-:"No. Saw this cute guy when I was out today, but didn't introduce myself or anything, was told that I am going to meet a guy in the next few months during a tarot reading, and this kid that I've been talking to on a wrestling thingie made a few passes at me. But nothing solid."

Cheryl-:"Okay back the truck up. What do you mean kid?"

Me-:"There is this kid I chat with sometimes on a my friend's list, and he's made a few flirty comments in the last week or so. All this time, I've been under the impression he's 17 and tonight he tells me he's 29. He sure as hell doesn't look it. The other day, he said he's planning a trip to Canada and asked me if I would get together for coffee with him if he happens to come through my city?  I think he thinks I live in a major metro or something?"

Cheryl-:"And you said yes right?"

Me-:"Sort of. I said sure, but I really don't expect him to come through my city, nor do I ever plan on giving him my address or anything."

Cheryl-:"But if he's that old, he's not a kid."

Me-:"There is no way he's that old."

Cheryl-:"Are you sure?"    I gave her the link to his profile, which oddly enough now reads that he was originally from Canada and moved to Mexico when he was five. That, was not there yesterday.
"Hummm. Yeah, I think you're right. I would say he's about 20 if that."

Me-:"With men, it's so hard to tell sometimes. They can look a lot older or younger, depends on if they are clean shaven or not."

 Cheryl-:"I say go for it! You need a little romance in your life. Who cares how old he is as long as he's over 18."

It seems, I am the only person I know who has an issue with age differences when dating.  I can't help it, the older I get, the smaller I want the gap to be with any man I get involved with.  I'm 39, and my limit would be around 28 years old. Anything younger then that and you're just asking for trouble.

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