Friday, May 10, 2013

Boys will be careless

The chat thread on the social site I hang out on was rabid with everyone talking about the wrestling tonight, and Mad Hatter getting his eye bloodied.  Damn spoilers. I got a text from Walsh few minutes after that.

Walsh-:"Your man got hurt. He's a total mess."

Me-:"You're so not funny. He's not my man."

Walsh-:"Okay your wrestler, your boy, your guy...Give in and get over yourself. Just preparing you for when you see the show. It looked brutal."

Me-:"So I've been told. Male friend #1 and Male friend #2 on the site have been gushing like morons over it. Think they'd never seen something like it before."

Walsh-:"Not everyone is as easy to injure like you are, they probably haven't seen anything like it before."

He texted me back a few minutes after that with a strange question, which if I had been paying attention to, wouldn't have answered because if I had been paying attention I would have caught on to what he was up to.

Walsh-:"What was the name of the character Ben Browder played on Farscape?"


Walsh-:"What was the character's first name?"


I so wasn't even paying attention, cause I was still chatting on the social site.

Walsh-:"What was the name of the guy who wrote that vampire story back in the 1800's?"

Me-:"Bram Stoker"

Walsh-:"No, the one who was in that movie with Byron and Mary Shelley?"

Me-:"Dr. John Polidori"

I caught on then. Bastard! Sometimes, I'm just really slow on the uptake. 

Walsh-:"P.S. he's so totally Mr. Scratchy!"

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