Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

"Are you saying you think it's Dimmer?"  Walsh asked as he stomped into the building.

Me-:"You here again? Haven't we killed this topic yet?"

Walsh pointed over his shoulder towards the left of the building saying he just came from his mom's, and didn't feel like going home just yet. Wife's friends were over again. One of them is getting married in a few months, and a lot of these girl's nights have been planning the wedding.  No wonder he keeps bailing, I would too. (I want to be married, didn't say I wanted the crap fluffy wedding, a drive thru chapel with an Elvis impersonator is fine by me...if it ever happens)

Walsh-:"You didn't answer my question."

Me-:"Wasn't planning on it if I could help it. A lot of down time that you could catch up on your reading?"

He lit a cigarette and nodded smiling. "Are you going to answer my question?"

Me-:"For about ten seconds I thought Dimmer might be a contender, but I snapped out of it. He was mocking me."

Walsh-:"What promo?"     I pulled up the website and showed him the promo I was talking about. There were just a few little gimmicks that he had done that were too much like things I've been saying.  "Huh...isn't that ironic?" he laughed choking on his cigarette.

Me-:"You really need to quit those."

Walsh-:"I would say this is proof that it's Dimmer, but it's not cause it's the Mad Hatter." he grinned like he'd just won the lottery or something. "Admit it. I don't know why you just don't admit it?"

Me-:"You know what, you give me one solid reason why you think it? Just one."   

Walsh-:"There's a ton of reasons. Okay, back November, you blogged about guys from the rookie show getting a break on the ppv, and two hours later the Pack is formed. Mad Hatter being the center of it."

Me-:"There are two other guys in the Pack, Rebel without a Cause and Werewolf King."

Walsh-:"I ain't done! You blogged about how the Pack was going to end after the January ppv, and two hours later they did a promo where they announced they were solid. The same time you said to remove Mad Hatter from them..."

Me-:"Right, before he dug his claws in and hooked me."

Walsh-:"...stop interrupting, still not finished here." he lit another cigarette. "...that's when Mad Hatter became the main guy am I right? Nod for yes."   I nodded while laughing at my cousin. "Okay, then you blogged about them running in to ruin that legend and they did, you blogged about them with the tag belts and that other one and they are doing that now, you blogged about shadows and Mad Hatter did that one promo in the shadows..."

Me-:"You sound like the one with the crush on the guy. Something you need to tell me?"   he swatted at me and I was too slow moving, he ended up hitting my bad knee. I thought he damaged it again, that really really hurt.   After a few minutes he continued.

Walsh-:"You blogged about his hair, and what has happened? His hair has become a noticeable mess constantly."

Me-:"Oh yeah, that's a sign of love really, bad hair. Uh huh." he glared at me.

Walsh-:"The hints are there. That vampire profile they did too, that was for you, you know that right?"

Me-:"I don't know about for me. That's a bit of a stretch. Inspired by, maybe does any of that prove that Mad Hatter is my Mr. Scratchy?"

Walsh-:"Mad Hatter is at the center of it all. Since you have been blogging about him like all the time, he's become the company star."

Me-:"Actually, all any of that proves is that I'm good for business. That the creative team needs me. Fresh eyes and all." 

Walsh-:"There, I've given you proof."  he was still grinning.

Me-:"But Mad Hatter never said the quote. I would believe it all if he had just quoted the Alice Cooper song,  Feed My Frankenstein. Or even mentioned Frankenstein or Alice Cooper.  But he didn't."

Walsh-:"He started to."    I sat up straight glaring at my cousin.

Me-:"Bullshit! When?"

Walsh-:"That episode were looking for it, you said if he said it. He started to say it and said something else instead."  he grabbed the computer checking the website to see if they still had the clip up.  "Right there. He ends up saying forced fed."

I looked at my cousin in silence for a few very long seconds. "That...that can't ...dude!"

Walsh-:"Now will you admit it's him? Just believe."  he started laughing.

Me-:"No. Can't. Just can't."

Walsh-:"Why not? You're just blocking yourself here by not believing it. Okay you give me one good reason why you refuse to see what's right in front of you?"

Me-:"Besides the fact he's famous? Besides the fact he's the hottest thing in the industry right now, and I mean talent wise. Besides the fact that like I said before that time, this has been going on for the last few years and if it's him why not contact me when he was in the indies before becoming famous? Besides all that. It's simple. And just forget the famous part for a second. Girls who look like me don't get boys who look like him. Shut up and just shh."  I was shaking my eyes closed. "It wouldn't matter if he was just some average normal guy working down the street at the gas station, guys that good looking, just don't end up with girls like me. Specially a cripple. Just goes against nature and don't try to say otherwise cause we both know it. Why do you think I write romance novels?  I write them so that girls like me actually get the happy ending fairy tale lovers, cause it just does not happen in reality. So you can believe he's the one all you want, but I just..." 

My cousin just sat there.  We're not huggers, we don't come from a family who  hug. He actually looked like he was going to hit me again to be honest. He got up from the sofa and was heading towards the door, this look on his face, his shoulders slumped. Then he stopped and put his hand on the wall sort of open palm and hit the wall a few times.

Walsh-:"You have got to get over yourself. This whole Beauty and the Beast syndrome is f***ed."  he left, tossing the butt of the cigarette as he did.

I sat here for a really long time, just debating if I should write about it or not.

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