Tuesday, May 21, 2013

post-it after midnight

Herman, earlier in the night, I said finding out who you were right now wasn't relevant. Well, that's a lie. You know it's beyond relevant, I was just feeling...don't even know.
Confused, ecstatic, scared, depressed, relieved you name it, I was feeling it few hours ago.  Now Mr. Scratchy, I guess I'm feeling desperate.

You know my reasons for not believing you could be Mad Hatter. Good reasons, bad reasons, either way, my reasons.  Would I like you to be him, um yeah.
I'd also like you to be The Celebrity, the DoubleStarr, Dimmer, Rebel without a Cause, and a few others.

But you're just one guy. Hiding in the shadows. My little twist of barbed wire.  I've been saying for god knows how long, that the ball is in your court, and I really did believe that.  Maybe it still is? I've begged, I've demanded, I've whined, I've been cute about it.  Nothing. It's gotten me nothing.
I'm right back where I started, with hints and clues.  Only this time, things are piling up and making less sense to me.
I don't know why you have stayed in the basement?  There are more then enough theories on why, but only you know the truth.

It's been a long night. Lots to think about. Which of course is one of my problems. I think about everything too much.  That's the writer in me, I can see every side of the box inside and out, and tend to wonder why it's painted white and not blue or why it's held together with tape and not glue?
I didn't mean for that to rhyme  honest.

I'm at a loss as what to do?  All I know, is that I have a feeling things are close man...as I write this I vaguely remember someone on the show tonight saying Alice in Wonderland, only I don't remember who or during what match.  This is me, losing it now.

Okay Mr. Scratchy,  I imagine you checking in to this after work, most likely sore from the night. I imagine you drinking a few glasses of bourbon tonight because tea just won't cut it now. Your pajama bottoms on, those stripped ones I think you wear, no shirt cause you spilled stuff on it the other day and haven't done laundry.
I imagine you are listening to the Doors, because like millions of people world wide, you found out that one of the main members died yesterday and are a bit sad.

I think too, that you are waiting for me to figure it out.  Okay Herman, it's all about the doors of perception, which ironically, fits with everything including Alice in Wonderland theme.  So on that, tonight I will say I hope I made you smile some, even if you are shaking your head at me eyes closed, saying "that's my girl." And quote "When you're Strange" by the Doors. 

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