Saturday, May 25, 2013

Post-it dinner time

The words the end  can sometimes be a beautiful thing. Such as in this case.  The first draft of the new novel is done!
I would do a happy dance if it wasn't for the bad knee.

Mr. Scratchy, Herman, you can tell Mad Hatter that the first draft is complete. Unless he's reading this right now over your shoulder, in which case...hey how you doing?
Then there is the chance that Walsh is right and you are Mad Hatter, in which er... hi! 

This is me in a good mood. Goofy good mood. Hopefully, I'll have better luck with this one then I did with the last one few years ago. The one that had been inspired by The Other Guy and The Celebrity.
That one, well Mr. Scratchy, you've been reading me for a few years so you know the issues and heartache that manuscript gave me. 

I figure, another two drafts should do it.

I have this fear, that none of my novels will see the printing press till after I'm in the ground cold.
I'm really hoping that this one, this has the magick touch.

Anyways, Herman, I imagine you checking in right now, maybe getting ready for a show; killing time. Make sure your laces are done up.  Yeah, I don't know, like I said, goofy mood. 
I imagine you smiling shaking your head at me, thinking that I'm such a nerd.  Admit it Herman, you love it!  

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