Monday, May 20, 2013

Tidbits man

Got a text from Walsh. "Did you not get your post up in time?"

Me-:"Plenty of time."

Walsh-:"Mad Hatter didn't do it."

Me-:"I didn't think he would bite."

My nose was itching; which means secret admirer,  distracting me, and my ear started to burn which means someone talking about me. Then my right side started to itch. Okay, so is Mr. Scratchy telling friends about me?  Okay, never had all three happen at once.

Walsh-:"You're boys lost me my bet."

Me-:"Not my fault. You're ego got you into trouble."   and put my reputation into the gutter.  I was scratching madly trying to reply to Walsh's texts and pay attention to the match at the same time. Plus, my chat threads on the social site were wild with comments. 

Dude, I'm terrible at focusing on more then one thing at a time.

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