Sunday, May 26, 2013

Easy peasy

"Thought you were going to stop talking to the crazy guy?" Cheryl said.  I had told her about a chat thread that Male Friend #2 had been part of.

Me-:"It was a random thread. Anyone could reply."

Cheryl-:"But he's taken over it. Did he just ask you to move there?"

I re-read the chat thread and there could be some argument that he was suggesting I leave Canada and move to his city.  As a joke mostly. I tried changing the topic, which didn't really work.

Me-:"How's things with your Dominic?"

Cheryl-:"Haven't heard anything else from him. I guess it wasn't meant you know. But he was in a relationship, so I can't expect much right now."

Me-:"You say that like you know something. Did he say if the relationship was solid?"

Cheryl-:"He didn't come out and say it was bad, just seemed like he was holding back from something. I'm not waiting around, if he wants me, he has my number. Which brings me to ask, how's the man hunt going?"

Me-:"You have such a way with words. Not. There is no hunting here."

Cheryl-:"You're heading for a self induced prophecy. You're telling yourself there is no one for you, and you're creating it by not even trying. Get off your ass and start dating again. Sweetie, I know you are waiting for Mr. Right, but you need to find a Mr. Right Now! in the meantime."

Me-:"Easy for you to say."

Cheryl-:"Yep! Easy peasy."

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