Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zombie, Bites, Grave

I got a text from Walsh that was strange. "Buddy and I were talking about wrestlers and need to ask you, why does Jimmy Jacobs call himself the Zombie Princess?"

I was stumped on this one, no clue.  Which I texted back saying. Told him what he tells me all the time, google it.

Walsh-:"Did, can't figure it out."

Me-:"There's got to be a reason for it."

Walsh-:"You're suppose to know this stuff."

Me-:"Bite me."

Walsh-:"Buddy wants to know who you think will be the next big thing. Showed him your wrestling stuff."

Well, if you showed him my wrestling stuff, then you already know the answer to that.

Me-:"Rebel without a Cause."

Walsh-:"Besides him. Who in the rookie show?"

Why do I feel like this is a test?


Walsh-:"Buddy is laughing."

Me-:"Tell your buddy his got his head up his arse. Is this the buddy you had the bet with?" 


I thought about it for a few minutes before answering him.

Me-:"Tell your buddy that I'm firmly backing Rebel without a Cause to get a big push in the coming months. And that he should be looking to see GraveDigger get a massive jump to the Friday night show by end of summer."

Walsh-:"He wants to know if you want to bet on it?"

Me-:"No. I don't need to."

I barely got the text sent when the phone rang. It was Walsh's number. "What?"

Buddy-:"So you like GraveDigger?"

Me-:"Yeah, he's the one to be looking at.Why?" 

Buddy-:"Been told I look like him, just no tattoos."

Me-:"Uh huh. Can I talk to my cousin now?"


Me-:"Is this the co-worker you were wanting me to meet the other day?"

There was silence for a few seconds. "Yeah. His name is Duncan."

Me-:"And does he really look like GraveDigger from the rookie show or is he just saying that?"

Walsh-:"Little. He's got that same hair do."

Me-:"So that the real reason you called? Or did you really want to know why Jacobs calls himself that?"

More silence. "There's no right answer here is there?"

Me-:"I'm hanging up now."

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