Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tidbits afternoon 11th

My sister returned the two movies she borrowed earlier in the week.  She was laughing when she did.

Sister-:"I have to tell you about what happened at football today."  she was just beaming. "The youngest got all shy because of a girl. It was so cute."   he's like nine years old. "He was all like uggghhh"  she did this tough guy face raising her arms like she was flexing muscles. "Then he turned and saw this girl sitting in the front row of the bleachers and suddenly just stopped, totally froze and was blushing, tripping over his own feet. He kept staring at her through practice. It was just too cute."

Me-:"Take photos, cause in about a year and a half it won't be cute anymore. It will be you guys sneaking around keeping tabs on him and whoever he's dating."

Sister-:"He's nine. I don't think he'll be dating that soon."

Me-:"You say that now, but how often did you come home from school at that age and tell me about you and your friends?"

She made a face and blushed. "Uh crap."

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