Saturday, May 4, 2013

Don't let the sun go down on me

"You all calm today?"  Walsh asked.  He was dressed in his work clothes, once again working in the area. He works for a construction company, and is a carpenter. It had started to rain again and looked like the site was closed for the morning, so he dropped by.   He's actually starting to get on my nerves a bit with the just dropping in without calling first.

Me-:"Fine fine. Was thinking about this. If I was writing it..."

Walsh-:"Oh god here we go. Hang on, I can't handle this without a cigarette."

Me-:"I thought you were quitting?"

Walsh-:"Those patches did make me loopy."  he lit a cigarette one of the king sized ones and took a long drag on it blowing smoke into the air. "okay continue."

Me-:"Okay as I was saying, if I were writing the skit, I would have made the Divine Mrs. V. the center point cause she's closer to my age and made the secret admirer the Swamp Preacher from the rookie show."

Walsh-:"Really? Swamp Preacher from the rookie show? Why?"

Me-:"Totally out of left field, no one would ever see that coming."

Walsh-:"But you know they aren't going to do that. And you're going to hate whomever they picked for the skit."

Me-:"I know. They'll do the obvious and make it someone like the lead Karaoke boy-band guy. Cause even when they have a brilliant mind to rape, they still go for the shallow."

Walsh-:"That doesn't sound very calm and accepting. That still sounds bitter and mad."

Me-:"I'm groovy. Really, it's just a skit. I've been trying to get proof they are taking my ideas seriously when I blog, and this is proof. See, looking on the bright side. I know when Sex and the City was being done, they said all the situations that aired in the show were things that happened in real life to the writers, so...I just would have written it for different wrestlers is all."

Walsh was laughing at me, choking on his cigarette, grey ash flying everywhere. "The Swamp Preacher from the rookie show. That I like. See that's the kind of attitude you need to have. You've got to get over your anger. You know why my wife never invites you over anymore for dinners?"

Me-:"She hates my guts. And your sister lives with you, I'm sure your wife thinks that a bar room brawl would happen if me and your sister were in the same room for more then ten seconds."

He shrugged. "You take everything so personal. You so get that from your dads' side, cause look at us." he pointed to a photo of our grandparents. "Our side of the family don't freak out."

Me-:"Why'd you bring that rat bastard up for?"

Walsh-:"See what I mean."  his phone rang, it was his oldest daughter asking if he'd come take her to the mall.  "Better just check in with work first see what time they figure they might start up again?"

We looked outside at the rain and both agreed he most likely wasn't going to be called back in today.

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