Friday, May 31, 2013

Is there anything hotter then Jude Law?

I had been in a chat thread with Male Friend #2- John- on the social site for a bit tonight, when I had gotten a text from Walsh. Really becoming a regular thing, both situations. I ended up phoning Walsh back, and telling him about the chat thread. 
Male Friend #2 had started to make some comments that were feeling, off kilter.

Walsh-:"First off, why are you still chatting with this guy? And second, he's jealous. Back away from the chat thread. Just ignore him."

He had been commenting on Mad Hatter for some reason.

Me-:"Yeah, I have no idea why I continue to talk to him? He's there. You think he's jealous? Why?"

Walsh-:"Uh hello, look at it. Mad Hatter is younger then he is, successful, talented. Your little chat buddy there, he's not attacking his talent cause he knows better, he's attacking the way that Mad Hatter looks. JEALOUS! What's his profile say?"

Me-:"Not much. His name mostly."

Walsh-:"This is the dude with the million issues right? The one who claims he was a wrestler?"

Me-:"Said his brother was a wrestler in college. So yeah."

Walsh-:"He's jealous. But he's the one with all the issues right? On the million meds?"


My cousin laughed, and I could hear him clicking something on the other end of the phone. "Yeah, you really need to stop chatting with this guy. He freaks me out. You notice, he's butted in on all your chat threads where you talked to another man?"

Me-:"Wasn't even paying attention."

Walsh-:"Start. Oh I see he's not done yet either." he laughed. "Rogaine. Wow, that's f***ing immature of him, just stupid. He just pointed out how he's got long thick hair and how Mad Hatter doesn't..."

Me-:"Nothing wrong with Mad Hatter's hair. Other then the bangs being too long, but it's part of his character's charm."

Walsh went into a mad fit of laughter for a minute. "You keep trying to say you want the crush on Mad Hatter to end. Yeah right! Admit it, he's the one!"

Me-:"I admit only that I will defend Mad Hatter when others talk crap about him. And that he's hotter then Jude Law, and that's saying something."

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