Thursday, May 30, 2013

The usual

Bad weather here most of the day, so it was a lazy day for me. Translation, didn't bother to get out of my pajamas or shower.  So when supper time rolled around, I decided to take the lazy but expensive way out, and ordered pizza; instead of going to the grocery.  Going to the grocery would have involved showering and changing out of my pajamas and washing my hair.
Laziness it is.

Pizza arrived, some brunette with five pounds of make-up and half a bottle of hair spray was delivering it. She giggled, more of a snicker actually. And stood there for a minute not giving me my pizza. I asked the price, she rolled her eyes and told me. Paying for the pizza I still had to wait for her to hand it over to me from the hot box.

Pizza chick-:"You know Johnathan right, one of the other drivers?"

Me-:"The usual delivery guy?"

She nodded still not having given me the pizza.  "He was late from another run so I took this one."  she was just standing there for whatever reason, making me wonder if the pizza was ever going to be handed over?  "He's got this building marked as a no steal."

Me-:"Um okay?"

She finally opened the hot box and started to remove the pizza, then stopped holding on to it.

Pizza chick-:"Are you the one dating his OLDER cousin ----------? Cause Johnathan has mentioned this apartment few I'm guessing it's you he's talking about?" she finally handed over the pizza.

Me-:"Not dating his cousin. Nice to know I'm on still on his mind. Tell Johnathan that I said hi." 

The chick nodded making a noise as she folded up the hot box and started to head down the stairs, still snickering. 

Teenaged girls, the death of civilization.

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