Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And they called it puppy love

"Oh my god! He's got such a crush on you!" 

Jody and I were chatting for a bit tonight. First time in weeks we've had a chance to chat. What with her semi-boyfriend and all, she's had no time.  Tonight's topic had started off as normal, being about wrestling, and somehow got turned around to Male Friend #1 on the social site.

Jody-:"You really need to stop flirting with him, less you're planning on dating him. Careful, don't think he's had his heart broken yet."

Me-:"He's been flirting with everyone last few weeks, take no notice of it."

Jody-:"Not like that he hasn't."  She directed me to a thread where Male Friend #1- the kid in Mexico- had been calling me cutie and darling and leaving little smiley faces.

Me-:"Uh what?"  That's new and odd. I can honestly say I've never had a guy call me cutie or leave me smiley faces anywhere, ever.  I'm not sure how to react to it.

Jody-:"You realize that the last five things you talked about on the site, he's hit the 'approve' or 'funny' button?"

Me-:"No, no I didn't."  I went to check and sure enough, the dude liked the fact I had checked into the topic of Rebel without a Cause. And he knows I'm not dating anyone so I can't even detour him.

Jody-:"I think it's really sweet."

And I'm thinking, is it okay to follow Walsh's advice and say there is a very strong wrestler in my life?  That would be bad wouldn't it?  That would be wrong.

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