Monday, May 27, 2013

Buzz buzz

Thought it was going to be a very quiet night, then got a text from cousin. "You watching the show?"

Me-:"No, at home, no know this. Catch it tomorrow on online."

Walsh-:"You're boys won."

He likes to do that to me, spoilers.

Me-:"Of course."

Walsh-:"How's your little chat buddy tonight? You tell him yet that you're taken? hahahaha!"

Me-:"Actually, the site was down for like three hours, haven't talked to anyone tonight. Why?"

Walsh-:"Just asking. Pay attention to your man's bandages."

Me-:"He's not...If I just agree with you will you give it up? What bandages?"

Walsh-:"On his hands. His bandages. No. You need to admit it that Mad Hatter is Mr. Scratchy."

Me-:"Fine! You win."

Then there was silence for like five minutes, with him not having a response because he just was not expecting me to give up. This is me tapping out on the topic.

Walsh-:"Hahahahahahah! You admit it then? In writing?"

Me-:"Fine. In writing. You have made me a believer."

I still need some real proof. Doesn't help the crush is still heavy hitting, was hoping the crush would be worked out of my system by now. Since the first draft of the novel is done. 

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