Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Why can't you never find a naked man when you need one?

Writing. Trying to describe a character, getting distracted by the shape of the character's legs. Trying to figure out how hairy he should be? You know, weird basic character traits.  Commented on the social site about the naked man, thinking I'd get some sort of dirty jokes, or get a discussion started. But no. Everyone I chat with on there are night owls, and all live in places that are hours later then me. Not one of them has said anything other then my comment is funny.

Of course it's funny, I'm a funny silly woman.

But at the moment, it doesn't help my novel any.

Male Friend #2 (yeah still weirded out by him being a John)  is talking to me about flavoured tea.  I have no idea why?  He's got an obsession with flavoured tea. Everyone has their strangeness.

I just want to get the scene written so I can go to sleep. I am one of those who can not leave a scene midway. Which is why sometimes I can spend hours writing and maybe only end up with six or seven sentences, and other times have a full three pages in under twenty minutes.

Tea and men's legs...what a way to waste a night.

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