Saturday, May 25, 2013


"Have you thought that you're not the only one seeing the names?"  This came from Cheryl as we chatted a bit this morning.   "If you're seeing the name Johnathan everywhere, that would mean that there is a Johnathan out there seeing a variation of your name all the time."

Me-:"So that means there is some poor unfortunate soul out there thinking he's loosing his mind? Groovy. Men don't notice crap like that the way we do! If there is some poor dude out there named Johnathan who's suddenly seeing the same name popping up like weeds he's just going to think it's suddenly popular again. He's not going to get all mystical about it."

Cheryl-:"Unless he's Wiccan too." 

Me-:"Can't swallow that, sorry."

This of course is all that's been on my mind for the last hour.  They say - this would be more omens and superstitions- that when you see patterns like this more often, the closer you are to the answer. So, given the amount I've been seeing the name in the last few months, does this mean I'm getting closer to the guy coming into my life? 

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