Sunday, May 5, 2013

Disco dancing zombies

My doorbell rang, waking me up.  I've had a killer migraine all day and was hoping a nap would fix it.  My sister was standing there looking like death.  "You've got that werewolf movie with Jack Nicholson right?"

Me-:"Yeah. Give me a minute to find it." I started hunting through my movies.

Sister-:"Can I borrow Witches of Eastwick too?"  I handed the first one to her while I looked for the second one. "You look like I feel, what's going on?"

Me-:"Migraine, was sleeping. Had the craziest dream."


Me-:"I was in the parking lot at the old blockbuster building, killing zombies with a broken pencil, and wrestlers Mikey Whipwreck and Jimmy Jacobs were standing there, with a disco ball hanging over them. And for each zombie I managed to kill, I got a plastic coat hanger for killing vampires with. Only the vampires never showed up."   I handed her the other dvd.

Sister-:"You watch way too many movies." she started to laugh. "Killing vampires with plastic coat hangers. That's like...only you would come up with that one."

Me-:"I'm a legend in my own lunchtime. Make more sense if you told me I watch too much wrestling."

Sister-:"Well, that's a given. Okay, mom's in the truck we just got back from the border. Drop her off now and go pick up the kids from football." she was still laughing as she left.

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