Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post-it post show

Saw the ppv. Chatted on the social site with a few people. Got very pissed off by some random person that no one in the thread knew.  Just a random fan who was not happy about the Pack winning. And he targeted me.   Seriously?  Of all the people, I got singled out to be insulted and screamed at. My reaction, told him to get his head out of his arse. Said that just because they have come in and freshened up really stale storylines that have been collecting mold for the last six plus years, was no reason to scream at me.

I found out from a Male Friend #2 that this guy targeted me for the single fact I am a girl and figured I didn't know anything about wrestling. 

Now that my dear is ironic. Dimmer that was for you.

Somewhere around the end of the ppv, after I had written my wrestling stuff, my ear started to burn. Someone was talking about me.  Actually, they still are.  My ear has been burning for like an hour, it's actually hot to the touch and bright red, like a rose.  Not sure if that is good or bad?

Mr. Scratchy, that you and your best buddies maybe?  I hope, it's all good baby.   I'm in an excellent mood even with that moron who picked the fight with me in the chat thread.  My boys won!  My team are holding gold.  

Okay Herman, I imagine you checking in tonight, most likely in a wicked mood yourself cause of the show tonight. Maybe already having had about five drinks by this point. Smiling at my words.  
My little twist of barbed wire and shadows. 

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