Friday, May 24, 2013


Been one of those eerie silent nights.  Usually, the social site is jammed with chat threads for wrestling on Mondays and Fridays, but tonight, dead silence. Either everyone is out on dates, or they got taken by aliens or something?
The only thing happening in the last hour is that the right side of my body has been scratched to shreds again, Mr. Scratchy.   But, I look at that like a good thing.

Well, I'm weird but you full on know that.

Well Herman, just a short post-it right now, just to say hey.


I imagine you checking in to this tonight, maybe bloodshot eyed from too many late nights and early mornings lately, and wondering maybe if you should check out the new Star Trek if you haven't already?  I loved it!   Even though they named the villain John for half the movie till you find out who he really is...but yeah.

Oh yeah, cosmic joke keeps rolling, - no pun intended given I'm talking Star Trek right now-

Okay Herman, my little twist of barbed wire, smile; to resist me is futile.

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