Monday, May 20, 2013

Dirty Laundry 29

"You said it and they won it."  Walsh had stopped by mom's.  His sister had left a book at mom's which needed to be returned to the school library.  I spend as much time here lately as I do at my own apartment.  He had picked Mavis up after school with his own kids, and she informed him if they didn't take the book back in the morning she'd get detention.

Me-:"You doubted my boys? Shame on you."  I was giddy.

Walsh-:"You need to stop doubting yourself."  he poked my cheek. Now I see where Mavis got the bad habit. "Speaking of your love life..." he blushed. "I was reading something online last night."

Me-:"My stuff." I filled up the kettle for tea. Waiting for Walsh to continue. He just stood there for a minute blushing. "Seriously, what's wrong? Is it going to make me upset?"

Walsh-:"Yes and no. I sort of checked out that one chat buddy of yours."  he took a step back and positioned himself so that he was blocking the kitchen door.

Me-:"And that would be which one now? I talk to a few people online."

Walsh-:"The one you've mentioned the other night."   I think he was referring to Male Friend #2 but I wasn't totally sure. "I don't like him. You can do better."

Me-:"Um you have me at a disadvantage, given I have no idea what you're going on about?"  the kettle boiled and I started to pour the water, ended up splashing it everywhere. He just stood there didn't help me clean it up.

Walsh-:"I can't put my finger on it, but I don't trust him. I wanted to see what the fuss was about after I read your post saying you got into that fight with the dude over the Pack, so I went to the social site, looked up the topic of the ppv and found your thread."


Walsh-:"Yep. I just don't like him."

Me-:"Walsh, what's really going on here? You've never been this..." I had a handful of soggy paper towel in one hand and the sugar bowl in the other, and not thinking, started to gesture with my hands. Sugar slopped everywhere and the paper towel fell to pieces falling on my foot and the floor.  Now I had a sticky and wet mess. It's just been one of those clumsy days.

Walsh-:"I've never been what?"

Me-:"Nothing. Continue, I'm just having a, just continue."  I got the broom and tried to sweep it all up.

Walsh-:"Your chat buddy on that site, just be careful. And do me a big favour. Tell him you're dating a wrestler."  he was blushing to the point I thought he's head was going to explode he was so red.

Me-:"What the f**k did you do?"  I put the broom down. Actually I lost my grip on it and it went flying nearly hitting him in the stomach.

Walsh-:"Nothing." but he was still blushing so I know he did something. It went back and forth for a few long seconds, me asking what he did and him just saying he hadn't done anything, then he started to smile again, still blushing a little. I finished making the tea and put the broom away. "To change the subject. Tonight's show, what do you have in mind?"

Me-:"Uh, to watch it? Going to stay here again tonight and actually watch the show live. Why?"

Walsh-:"No you know that's not what I meant. What do you plan to blog about before the show tonight?"

Me-:"Where is this going? And don't say nowhere cause I don't believe you." I think I blushed a bit when I realized what I had said.

Walsh-:"You will believe after tonight. Trust me on this. You just have to write something specific for Mad Hatter."

I looked at my cousin for a second trying to figure out what the hell he was up to but all he did was make me laugh.  "How about no."

Walsh-:"Please. Please write something for Mad Hatter before the live show tonight. You still have time, you have a few hours still."

Me-:"You're freaking me out. Tell me why and I'll think about it."

Walsh-:"Sort of told a buddy about you and the wrestling blog. I really really need you to not make me loose a bet I made with him. Please write something anything."

Me-:"Interesting. Begging I like that. Fine." I took a big gulp of my tea and thought about it for a minute. "Okay, if he checks in before the live show, and sees it, then... huh cause it worked oh so well there before. Let's see."  I ended up finishing my tea and making a second cup while I thought and had Walsh standing there in my mom's kitchen biting his lip. I started to laugh cause this was literally the same thing we were doing last time too, drinking tea in mom's kitchen when he promised last time he'd shut up if he was wrong.  "No yeah I got nothing."  I was still laughing when his phone went off few minutes later. His wife was wondering where the hell he'd gotten to.  "Catch phrase. Everyone needs a catch phrase, let's see if he'll bite if I suggest a catch phrase. He might not you know. But..." I started to open the cupboards and looked at the cans of stuff hoping for inspiration, and dinner. "Werewolves, vampires, full on exorcist twist." I was sort of mumbling to myself running through things that were sort of connected. Nothing was coming to me, it's like the writer's equivalent of not being able to get it up. Sucks. "Fangs for the memories."  I shrugged. "Not the most original, but if he bites we'll know. Then you can win your stupid bet."  He nodded shaking his hand at me letting me know he thought it was a lame idea. "Well bite me. That's my suggestion. If Mad Hatter sees this in time before tonight and decides to go with the quote Fangs for the Memories,  then you win, and yeah. You realize there is nothing in this for me this time right?"

Walsh-:"You will believe he's the guy. I gotta go. Talk to you later."


I was left still needing to type it up before the show. Only my reputation on the line here.

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