Monday, May 13, 2013

Tidbits May 13th 2013

I really wish they would post some new promos with Dimmer. I like the comedy stuff he does. Few of us were talking tonight on the social site, about some of the talent that gets shoved into the background when they should be allowed to have more air time, and Dimmer is one I'd like to see get more time on air.
Everyone has their personal favourites, the chat threads can sometimes get heated, but I seem to find myself defending guys that get forgotten.

Dimmer right now is on my "lets save him from the background" list. He's proven he's got the looks, the mic skills, the comedic timing and from the few matches I've seen him in...well he's the best jobber right now.  I'm sure if they give him a real match, he could prove he's better then I give him credit for.

Tonight, might be me ranting about semi-near crushes...or whatever you want to call this post tonight.

Mmmmhhh....a crush on Dimmer...would that be in my best interest right now?  Well, it would be if it gives me a bit of sanity in regards to Mad Hatter... all puns intended.

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