Thursday, May 9, 2013

tidbits may 9th

I got another call just now from Tarot Lady.  They decided not to have me join the tarot group, or work the psychic fair in the fall.
I'm fine with that. I'm not really sure my skills are good enough for charging people anyways.
Little upset though that she sort of  said I shouldn't call Timothy for a while.  I get that not everyone is going to like everyone else, that's just the way life goes. But I was really looking forward to hanging out with another Wiccan.  And given he's gay, was looking forward to having a new "Stanford" in my life.  I miss JTGG more then I ever realized.
There is something just perfect about gay men. They are the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy.

But anyways, somethings are just not meant to be. I think I've known the whole time the psychic fair just was not the right deal for me.  Hence the uneasiness about the whole thing.

I just wish everyone around me didn't keep loosing their will to be weird.

The ironic part of this is, I'm really disappointed with the news.

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