Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rainy day

Got a text from Walsh.  "You getting the ppv?"

Me-:"Yes. Are you?"

Walsh-:"Thinking about it. What you think about your Pack?"

Me-:"Good thing the belts are all gold cause werewolves can't hold silver."   

Walsh-:"Hahahaha! So you're done pouting?"

Me-:"You started it."   I got up to make coffee. When I came back into the room, there were a few texts waiting.

Walsh-:"Tell your little chat buddy you're taken. Tell him your man is a big wrestling superstar. Haha! I still believe! You haven't broken any mirrors yet, so believe Mad Hatter is possible."

He means well, he does.

Me-:"I will believe, when Frankenstein is brought up."

Walsh-:"Why Frankenstein?"

Me-:"Herman Munster... a Frankenstein monster. I call Mr. Scratchy Herman. Get it now?"

Walsh-:"Oh my god. Okay yeah get it."

Okay Herman, my little twist of barbed wire,  stop snarling.

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