Saturday, May 4, 2013

4 of Johns

If you've been reading this much at all, then you know I firmly believe in signs and synchronicity.

I had turned on the iTunes radio few minutes ago, and there was a Johnny Cash song on. His version of "Sixteen Tons".  The song that came on right after it was "Johnny Angel" (I have no clue who sings that and I'm too cranky to look it up.)
This morning, on the social site I hang out on, I got asked by someone on my friends list if I had any idea if the new Johnny Depp movie was coming out soon? (That would be The Lone Ranger)
On the book site, someone recommended a John Grisham novel (Playing for Pizza) as well.

That's just too much even for me not to pay attention to.   Good god man, I get it. Either there is yet another Johnathan coming into my life, or Pizza Dude is not done with me.
That's just insane. I've said it before, if there are 50 guys in a room, I will end up talking to the only Johnathan.

And worst of all, I've got the damned song stuck in my head. (Johnny Angel)

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