Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tale as old as...

"So you two didn't like each other?" Walsh asked. He had stopped by on his way to the grocery.

Me-:"Gee, what tipped you off?"  I was less then impressed and was getting a sinus headache.  "You checking in on the blog again?"

Walsh-:"No Duncan texted me. Told me he thought you were a bitch."

Me-:"And? You say that like it's news or something."

Walsh-:"Oh yeah?"  he was picking at a piece of the doorframe that was splintered. "So what's wrong with him?"

Me-:"He's a dink. What you want me to say? I didn't like him."

Walsh-:"You don't like anyone." he pointed at me crossing his arms.

Me-:"It's sweet you want to help everyone, but you're a really lousy matchmaker. You're not our Grandfather."   Our grandfather had a talent for setting people up, just seemed to be able to know who would be perfect for each other just by looking at them.  That's a talent I wish I had gotten. He just glared at me. "Besides, you're the one who keeps saying that there is a Johnathan in my future. And that Mad Hatter is my Mr. Scratchy. You can't be right about those both and still play matchmaker. Pick one and stick with it."

Walsh-:"Uh, yes I can be right about those both." he was blushing, that grin of his wide. "Just wait and see."  I was shaking my head at him still not sure what he's got up his sleeve?  "I guess I should get going. Said I'd only be gone for like twenty minutes and it's been nearly that now." The neighbour opened his door, walked down the stairs never taking his eyes off of Walsh, and left the building. "Okay. Has the pizza guy been back at all?"

Me-:"No. Why?"

He shrugged. "Took the kids for pizza the other night after school and he was working. Kept waving at us each time he walked past the table."

Me-:"Huh. Maybe he thinks you're cute or something?"  

He glared at me again. "Anyways, better go. I'm surprised you haven't said anything about Mad Hatter scratching the other day?"

Me-:"F***ing excuse me?"

Walsh-:"There was a promo from like a few days ago, Mad Hatter was scratching. You going to tell me you didn't see that?"  I shook my head in shock. "You of all people are going to tell me that you didn't..." he moved from the doorway and went for my laptop. Took him about ten minutes to find the video online. "There! Now tell me again how you just won't believe it's him."  he was so proud of his find.

Me-:"Doesn't count."  I was saying the words, as I scrolled back on the video watching the two seconds over and over again.

Walsh-:"Why not? He's scratching the right side of his face."

Me-:"His beard! You scratch your jaw all the time when you haven't shaved. Not shaving does not count! Damn it! Don't do this to me!"

Walsh-:"Do what?"  he was smiling, nearly laughing just proud of himself.

Me-:"Get my god damned hopes up shithead!"

He moved back towards the door of the apartment, and I swear he was beaming.  "Bingo." he poked my cheek. "Finally, no more denying it's him."   My cousin stood there for a few seconds before leaving, still smiling wide, singing the theme from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast.

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