Monday, May 6, 2013

The 3 of Pentacles

I walked into Tarot Lady's apartment around 5:30pm, and was greeted by Timothy, a very sweet very large gay man. After hugging me, he told me that he heard names.  He rattled off a list of  names, then held up his hand and said that he got the strongest vibe off of one of them.

Me-:"If you say Johnathan I'm running back downstairs."

He just held up his hands and sat down shuffling the tarot cards.  I did a reading for both Tarot Lady and for Timothy, and midway he just grinned at me as he lit a cigarette.

Me-:"Okay, what did I say?"  thinking I might have actually been right about something in the reading.  Which, it ended up I was right about more then even I thought I was. I mentioned the name of his ex-boyfriend, described what his boss looks like, and even picked up on a necklace that meant something to him, which he'd lost.  I was on a high.  Ha, take that Mr. Scratchy! That means I've been right about something in regards to you all these months. Yes, I'm being a arse right now but I'm on a tarot high.

Timothy-:"The name ----- mean anything? Like an old lover?"  I cringed, he then went ahead and described my ex. "He's going to show up again. You'll have to make a choice about something when he does."

Me-:"There is no choice, he left and that's that. I don't need anything from him."

Timothy-:"You have to have closure. You need to talk to him."  I don't want to hear that. I made a face and started to change the subject.  "Okay, so who's Johnathan?"  he smiled at me.

Me-:"This kid who delivers pizza. Not important."  I was scratching the hell out of the right side of my face and arm for the first hour I was there.

He out right laughed, and pulled another card out of the deck. "That's not what I'm seeing. I'm seeing someone else."  The reading he did for me lasted almost 45 minutes, most readings take about 15 minutes.
It was after 9:30pm when the readings were done.  I'm still unsure if I should be doing the psychic fair in the fall, but I was really glad I met Timothy.  We talked for hours about some of the people we've known in common over the years in the wicca community. He seemed really giddy when I told him I saw a new boyfriend in his cards.

I got back to my mom's apartment and saw that there were two messages from Walsh.  I texted him, asking what was up.

Walsh-:"What the hell took you so long to reply?"

Me-:"I was upstairs hanging out with mom's neighbours, left phone in mom's apartment."

Walsh-:"So you haven't been watching wrestling tonight?"

Me-:"No. Mom's DVRing it, going to watch it now. Why? Am I going to hate it tonight?"

Walsh-:"The Pack won their match. Mad Hatter got the pin."

Me-:"Okay, that's all you wanted? Thanks for the spoiler love that."

Walsh-:"Went for coffee with a friend and was going to invite you along to introduce you to him, but too late now."

Interesting night, lots to process.

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