Sunday, May 12, 2013

I've put a spell on you

I hate myself for falling under his spell. Damn it! That just wasn't suppose to happen. So why did it? Why did I end up liking him, just the same as a countless number of others have?
Drooling at his feet like a puppy.  Yeah, I hate me right now.

And it's not helping any with the novel. You think it would, but the novel is stalled again. The boost I had last week from adding the new character, died cold. My crush on him has hit warp drive, but the first draft of my novel, which I thought I'd have finished by now, it's been a month and a half, I thought I'd have it finished and him out of my system. Clean without scars on my already broken heart.


Why does he have to be so damn likable? Talented, funny as hell, skilled on the mic, seriously gorgeous... dude this just isn't right.  I'm not suppose to like him cause I hate being a bandwagoner.

There is something terribly wrong with this picture. The crush I had on The Celebrity, that was the longest crush I've ever had on anyone. Famous or normal average guy.  Then this dude comes along and knocks me off my coffin. Evil werewolf.

He's like the Jim Morrison of the wrestling industry. A total Bacchus. I think that's it, that's my pull towards him. Like Dionysus in modern form.  And there in lays the appeal.

Christ, I think I'm doomed.  I need some normal average guy, some poor unfortunate soul to wander into my life and take my mind off this crush. Cause I only see this heading for a black hole for me.

While of course you know, he sits there laughing like the Mad Hatter he is, reading this over the shoulder of Mr. Scratchy, wondering how he got roped into  this blog in the first place?

Seriously, I'm not even sure myself. One day everything was perfectly normal, well weird but normal for me, with me focusing on the hot British wrestler who looks like Richard Armitage, and the one who looks like Vlad the Impaler on the rookie show, and some talk of the Rebel without a Cause,  you know, spreading the crushes around in a decent respectable blogging way, and then poof. One little facial expression by Mad Hatter and all hope is lost.

And this post is because I was listening to the song "I put a spell on you" and it just got me thinking...

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