Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sticky side up

So, hanging around mom's still, was in the kitchen and dropped the box of salt. She asked me what I was cooking.

Me-:"Not cooking anything. My tarot cards are sticky and it's not like you can wash them with soap and water, cause paper and all."

Mom-:"I don't get it?"

Me-:"Salt and baking soda rub will dry out the sticky, then you just wipe it all off."

Mom-:"Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. How did they end up sticky?"

Me-:"The Tarot Lady and Timothy yesterday were eating chicken wings in between the readings."

Mom found this to be hysterical. I'm not foo-foo about handling my cards, but at the same time I don't like having things like sauces anywhere near them. Just common sense.

While I was doing that, I got a friends request from some guy on the social site. He liked a comment I had made about the Mad Hatter.  Of course.  I'm being teased now by the general cosmos.  Anyways, I accepted the guy's friend's request. Which ended up causing some strife, as he's the dude that the teenaged girl I talk to is crushing on. The one who is in his late 30's.

Great, wonderful like my life wasn't already a mess. 

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